Bone jump

About the Game

This game started by following Doodle Jump YouTube tutorial. I then continued coding more things to the game.

In this game you move platform to platform and trying not to touch the ground. You get points when platform disapears from the bottom and by collecting skulls. You also get extra points: every 10 platform gives you 50 bonus points and every collected skull gives you 100 bonus points. Levels are calculated by platform counts and each level makes the game go faster.

Gameplay and points system might change in the future.


  • Start/Restart:Enter
  • Pause/Continue:Space
  • Right:Arrow key right
  • Left:Arrow key left
  • Stright:Arrow key up

Level system:

  • Level 1: 50
  • Level 2: 155
  • Level 3: 355
  • Level 4: 700
  • Level 5: 1 300

Game characterPress start

Game Results